Dan Erlewine shows you how to pack a
1959 Reissue Historic Les Paul for shipment.

Gibson 1959 Reissue Historic Les Paul.

This guitar was sent to Dan for some work.
After a fret dress and setup work,
Dan is ready to ship the guitar back.
The following are some tips Dan shares for
preparing the guitar to be shipped.

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De-tune the strings to
remove all tension
on the peghead
I fold painter's smooth paper and place it between the strings and the pickups all the way to the bridge
I remove the toggle-switch
knob and put it in the
case box - I have seen
many broken from
shipping impact.
This chunk or pliable, yet-stiff, foam protects the toggle-switch from impact.
A little paper towel
goes under the
pickguard and the
I put crushed newspaper balls under around and on top of the peghead. The neck is now supported on the two "yokes" of the case, the peghead is cushioned, as is the heel.
Depending upon
the case construction,
I will put paper in the
lower bout area too
so that the guitar
cannot move.
Ready for the next step..
With crushed paper on the shipping box bottom to
absorb shock, lower the
case down in, keeping
it centered with
air-space all around.
Stuff paper - balls, long rolls, etc. using something thin to shove it down. Pad the guitar from the bottom up - always keeping the guitar on center.
Shake the case -
nothing should move.
The box had a nice folded top that holds the end of the case. I shoved wadded newspaper up into it before jamming it in.
If you pull off sticky plastic shipping envelopes, re-tape over the firred-up cardboard to reinforce it.
Tape all corners with fiber-reinforced gummed tape. I even taped the bottom although it was already taped.


Insure it for about a million dollars and ship it!