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    Re: Gibson "Fool" SG?

    Quote Originally Posted by slikwili View Post
    Hey Tonebender... that DRAGON is pretty sweet! I bet that I know who you were wanting to gift it to! I just got my DRAGON from Jeff last Thursday; #JP005, "I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing... " -Jimmy Page

    Jeff is quite the artist & a hell of a nice guy!

    Here's a thread I posted over at FMIC's site:
    Jeff did a nice job on yours I have to say. The only thing I questioned was using the Don Mare pickups. The guy's a flake.
    I may be going to hell, but I'll be the only one there with marshmallows.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Dec 2001
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    Re: Gibson "Fool" SG?

    Isn't Don the same guy who worked on the Lace Sensor pups at one time?

    I've heard both sides of the story regarding his sanity, but the Yardboy 2s encourage me to really crank my KT66 BUDDA right into the ZONE. I just pull-bright my clean channel, work the power amp HARD, use a modified E2 preset on the ZOOM 510 or full gain on the sToneBENDER, get my treble boost & wah off the BudWah & add a little slap with my VS H20.


    Mare's pups are extremely clean & virtually noiseless even with high gain applications. I can get the definition that is required to make the Thro-Bak or ZOOM do what they do best!

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    Re: Gibson "Fool" SG?

    I dont question the quality of the parts, just the claims he makes regarding the Yardboy/Page/Zepp set. From what I saw on his site he can't back it up and I dont think they're any better then Duncans for the money.
    I may be going to hell, but I'll be the only one there with marshmallows.

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    Re: Gibson "Fool" SG?

    I'm painting a "Fool" for someone at the moment. I'll post pics soon. I'd like to hear your opinions very much guys.
    When you have the same guitar (or pedal, pickup, or amp) that your favorite player uses to play that music and make those sounds, you know that piece of equipment isn't part of the "problem", and you can either move on to blaming the next piece of gear or get down to playing and seeing if you can really do it.



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